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Blender Art by Glenn Schworak

These images were created in Blender and are free to download and use as you see fit. The zip files contain everything needed to reproduce my render except the scene's global HDRI. Those generally don't belong to me so I can't share them. If you use these images, objects or blend files, please give proper credit and perhaps link to this page and/or my facebook or YouTybe pages.

Click the download icon next to the image if you want a copy of the blend file.

You can see all of my still images on Facebook and videos on YouTube.

120mm Fan390
downloadDate: 2022-04-09
Size: 887,666

I whipped this one out pretty quick in the grand scheme of things. Took me a few hours to make the fan then a couple more hours to render the animation. There are two keyframes to make the entire fan rotate but the spinning blades are driven by the frame number.
Ball Tipper306
downloadDate: 2022-05-01
Size: 2,870,356
YouTube Video

After playing with physics for a bit. I was having issues with small scale items. I finally figured out how to make small times calculate physics correctly. The key was in the section for Scene / Rigid Body / Settings. By decreasing the speed and increasing the substeps, things started working as expected. Also, had to set the margins on things to ZERO to be sure collisions were detected properly.
Balsa Glider307
downloadDate: 2022-04-05
Size: 389,561

Remember balsa gliders? I do, so I thought I would create one in Blender.
Balsa Prop Plane299
downloadDate: 2022-04-06
Size: 632,044
YouTube Video

The glider got me thinking about a prop plane. The rubber band wasn't as hard as I was expecting. In the video you can watch it unwind.
Bug Legs181
downloadDate: 2023-01-12
Size: 210,718
YouTube Video

This bug is made up of multiple segments. Each segment is slightly out of phase with the one before. The magic of this project is the python script that builds the segments based on the master segment.
Chain Pile Physics276
downloadDate: 2022-04-29
Size: 384,873
YouTube Video

I created this animation of chain falling to create a pile. Blender doesn't seem to do small object physics well so the links had to be scaled up quite a bit. But that isn't a problem since you can easily scale up any other objects you put in the scene to be the correct proportions.
Corn On The Cobb314
downloadDate: 2022-04-14
Size: 219,024

After the DNA, I thought I would try something organic. Corn it is. The rings of corn are done with Geometry Nodes but each individual ring is a copy with rotation and number of kernels being manually tweaked. The cob itself is fairly lame but from a distance it might work. I uploaded a simple version yesterday but updated after feedback from folks on FB.
downloadDate: 2021-12-30
Size: 9,557,466

The box lid is easy to open and close and each crayon is independently colored to give a set of 24 crayons to work with.
Desk Fan302
downloadDate: 2022-04-08
Size: 547,653
YouTube Video

After creating the toy plane, I got into doing some fan blades. This one is totally driver based with no keyframes or geometry nodes.
Dirty Lens255
downloadDate: 2022-05-01
Size: 118,078
YouTube Video

A simple demo of how you might add dirt or scratches to your camera lens. This is a simple starting point.
DNA Geometry Nodes285
downloadDate: 2022-04-13
Size: 174,940

While learning geometry nodes, I decided to make some DNA. This is 100% done with nodes. You may need to delete some of the copies if you have less than 32gig of RAM. But a single strand should render fine on any computer.
Glow Ring Demo256
downloadDate: 2021-12-20
Size: 392,453
YouTube Video

This uses compositing after the render stage to get the glow effect.
downloadDate: 2022-01-06
Size: 488,906

Highlighter sharpie pens used in a larger art scene
LED Message Board252
downloadDate: 2022-04-24
Size: 259,689
YouTube Video

I created this message board where the LEDs don't move but they switch on and off as a message goes by. It isn't perfect and it is really just an experiment. I am looking for a better way to do this but for my first attempt I think it is pretty good and would work in a pinch.
downloadDate: 2022-05-02
Size: 6,906,387

These are created with procedural textures to give them the look of orange peels.
downloadDate: 2022-01-05
Size: 298,153

Various pencils with easily editable text on the side. This was used as part of a larger scene.
Water Color Tray249
downloadDate: 2022-01-08
Size: 263,551

Tray or water color paints with a working hinge. I used this as part of a larger scene.

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