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My Two Cents by Glenn J. Schworak

Odds and ends that I want to speak out about from time to time. These are things of interest at various points in time.

Bitcoin bubble is popping

There is a bubble in the world of Bitcoin and it is popping. Or at least the market is starting to correct itself due to several serious issues with Bitcoin.

Three reasons why Bitcoin is dead as a form of currency

There are three very basic flaws with Bitcoin and unless all three can be overcome, Bitcoin is dead as a form of currency.

Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme

Bitcoin was intended to be a way to transfer value from person to person online without the use of a central bank. What is has become is nothing more than a ponzi scheme.

How Bitcoin really works

You may have heard the hype that Bitcoin is a currency without any middle man and that you can easily transfer funds from your wallet to any other person in minutes. That is simply a lie!

Bitcoin will never be "real money"

There is no way that Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will ever replace what most people think of as "real money" for a few very simple reasons...

Marijuana - State vs Federal Law

Ok, I don't care for marijuana. I don't use it, don't like the smell. But, I also don't care who uses it as long as it is kept away from me. Just like cigarettes. With that said, let me get on my soap box...

Seven Deadly Sins - Is America About to Fall?

It is clear that our country is in trouble. You can see it every night on the news. Is it too late? Can it be changed? How many of the deadly sins are we indulging in as a country?

How Facebook Ruined My Life

I just watched a documentary about Facebook. Part of this  documentarty talks to people who have the stand point that their lives were ruined because something they posted was seen by people they didn't intend to see it.

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