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About Glenn J. Schworak

Stories and articles and things of interest about Glenn. These are the things of interest that he wants to share with you and the rest of the world and keep for postarity.

My first new motorcycle

After riding my 1992 GL1500 GoldWing for 9 years, I finally broke down and bought my very first brand new motorcycle. This is the 2006 GL1800 GoldWing. It has a lot more power than the older bike, heated seats and heated hand grips. Most of the other features were on my 1500 but they have all been updated. Things such as the 6 speaker stereo with speed controlled volume. In helmet stereo and intercom. This stereo even has a hook up for an MP3 player so I don't need a CD changer in my trunk. The trunk can be opened with the key or with the remote control. There are a bunch of other little things butthese are the key items.


Yes, I drink Kombucha tea. The pages in this section will help you understand what Kombucha is and how to make Kombucha tea. You can also read through all of the material that we have collected to learn as much as we know about the subject.

Working out at Epic Fitness

I have been workingout at Epic Fitness and really enjoying the Mid Valley Crossfit classes. They are really tough but with the support of my wife and all the wonderful friends I have made at the gym, it has really paid off and been a lot of fun at the same time.

Goldwing on the Dyno

I went with Tammy and friends to a charity motorcycle event today and they had a dynamometer. So since the money was going to charity and I had wondered what my bike could do I had them. Now the Goldwing is totally stock.

Las Vegas or Bust

Have you ever wanted to do something just to see what it is like? Well once long ago I made the ride from Las Vegas Nevada all the way to Salem Oregon in one day. I never intended to do it in one day but I just kept saying, just one more gas stop until I was almost home. Well, it turns out, there is an organization that tracks these types of extreme motorcycle rides and issues certificates, patches and pins.

Goldwing on the drag strip

After riding my 2006 GL1800 GoldWing for a while I found that it had a lot of speed and power and performance. I love the way it corners and picks up speed. I got to wondering how it could do on the drag racing track. So I took it to Woodburn to test it on the 1/4 mile track. It was quite a bit of fun!

Home Theater System

108" screen, ceiling mount projector, 5.1 sound... IT IS AWESOME!

Tumble Lake Oregon

It has been a long time since we have done any real camping. We have gone to the state parks and pulled in to pitch a tent over the last few years, but not any real roughing it. Well, on this trip we really went roughing it. If we didn't pack it in on our backs then we had to go without.

A Close Call

Subastian and I loaded up the motorcycle and headed out on the road. Where we were going we were not 100% sure yet. We spent one night in the mountains at Detroit. Then another on the coast at Newport. Then I had a great idea. Lets go to 6 Flags in California. I called Julie to let her know and we were off.


Some Old Games for the TI-99/4A

Way back in the early years when 16k of memory was a lot to work with, computer games weren't quite as fancy as they are today. Ah, 16k... Now a simple "Hello World"  program needs more than 16k it seems. But back in 1988, that was a lot of memory!

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