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Tech Specs

Articles relating to computers and software. Here I hope to help people to find the answers to questions that I struggled with at one point or another. My struggle will hopefully make your life a little easier.

Windows Media Player Play List (ASX)

This is a simple text file normally named with the .asx extension and read mainly by Window Media Player. It has the look of an HTML file with markup tags. This is in fact an XML database file. If you understand XML, this will be easy enough to read. If not don't worry, the format will be explained.

MPEG Audio Frame Headers

This is a brief and informal document targeted to those who want to deal with  the MPEG format. If you are one of them, you probably already know what MPEG 
audio is.

Extended PLS (PLSv2)

This is a simple text file normally named with the .pls extension and read mainly by WinAmp and a few
other programs.


Buying memory for this HP De-branded computer can be a real pain because none of the online memory search tools that I was able to find recognize this number.

ID3v1 Tags

The TAG is used to describe the MPEG Audio file. It contains information about artist, title, album, publishing year and genre. There is some extra space for comments. It is exactly 128 bytes long and is located at very end of the audio data. You can get it by reading the last 128 bytes of the MPEG audio file.

M3U Play List Specification

M3U playlists are just a text file containing links to the location of the proper file. You can crate or edit a playlist in any text editor. It could be anything to MP3, WMA, or even another playlist. Just because something is in a playlist, doesn't mean Winamp can play it though. Winamp will just skip over unknown file formats. This document will hopefully toy to clarify the differences of the playlist formats available.

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