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Linux, MySQL and More

These are the interesting tidbits we have encountered that need to be shared with the world. Interesting tips, tricks and general information about Linux, MySQL, PHP and other tech areas.

Get FireFox to launch SSH or TELNET links under Linux

FireFox out of the box has issues running external links such as SSH or TELNET. The solution is quite simple. Just create a script that can do the work you want done and tell FireFox where that script is located.

Installing the RTL8188CE WiFi drivers on linux

This is a manual process but it is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions and you should have your WiFi back online in no time. This also solves the issue of the WiFi freezing up every so often.

MySQL and Bidirectional Replication (aka Master-Master)

This is a configuration where data can be written to two different MySQL servers and changes made on either server will be sent over to the other so both have all of the changes.

Move MySQL binlog to another disk or folder

This one tripped me up so I hope this helps you. Moving the binlog, relaylog or even the data itself to another drive or folder is really easy as long as you know the secret.

Automatically boot when a RAID is degraded

By default, Ubuntu and some other versions of Linux will stop the boot process and prompt you to take action if a degraded RAID is found. On an interactive system, this is fine but on a system that is often unattended this is a problem because it will prevent booting.

How do I renew or release an IP address in Linux?

There are a couple ways to renew an IP address using the Linux command line.

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