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How Facebook Ruined My Life

I just watched a documentary about Facebook. Part of this  documentarty talks to people who have the stand point that their lives were ruined because something they posted was seen by people they didn't intend to see it.

Seriously people? You posted something in writing and you are mad because someone you talked about saw it even though they weren't one of your friends? You really had some fantasy that you could post things online and it wouldn't be seen by people you didn't want to see it?


When would you ever think that anything you write ON LINE would be totally private? The proper answer to this question is NEVER!

Even things you password protect to a limited number of people are not guaranteed to be private. Really, even things you write on paper and hand to your personal friends are not guaranteed to be private. Your best friend could take your paper letter to work and set it on their desk and it could be read by someone passing by.

If you don't want your point of view or comment to be used against you in the future, DON'T WRITE IT DOWN ever!

Facebook didn't cause your problems. You caused your own problem by putting your pissed off or desterbing messages out there.

This is the same for email. If you don't want it to come back and bite you, don't write it. Everything you do on the internet is tracked to some level by someone. Every web site you visit is logged in server logs. Every email you write is stored for osme time period. Every post you put on ANY WEB SITE is there forever because they get backed up, copied, scanned by Google and other search engines.

The Internet is nothing new. There are thousands of reported cases of people thinking they were writing private things and then those things come back to haunt them. Why do people keep writing down things on public sites and expect them to stay private?

I don't feel the least bit sorry for these people. Not one darn bit.

This isn't a case of their private banking information getting out. This is a case of people posting their information in a public place then wondering why everyone knows about it.

People, stop blaming others and deal with your own bad judgment!


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