Goldwing on the Dyno

I went with Tammy and friends to a charity motorcycle event today and they had a dynamometer. So since the money was going to charity and I had wondered what my bike could do I had them. Now the Goldwing is totally stock.

I scanned the print-outs they gave me and they are below. You will see that the Goldwing pulled 98.34 horse power and 105.14 foot pounds of torque. This isn't too bad. Look how smooth the power line is.

Just an FYI... A Suzuki RJ15 pulled 103 HP, some 1200 that I can't recall the name of pulled 115 HP and a B-King pulled 161 HP. I knew as soon as the RJ15 pulled up I was going to get beat but I figured by more. I knew the B-King was going to stomp us all and it did. There were a few V-Twins and they all came in between 82 and 89 HP.

Dyno Computer Display

Horse Power



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