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Installing the RTL8188CE WiFi drivers on linux

This is a manual process but it is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions and you should have your WiFi back online in no time. This also solves the issue of the WiFi freezing up every so often.

This is the process

  1. First download the Realtek driver from here
  2. Open a terminal window
  3. Extract the files
  4. Go to the folder you extracted to
  5. Type "sudo make install" and press enter
  6. After the compile is complete, REBOOT
  7. Manually clean up the extract folder

Can't Build?

If you got an error saying something like "?????/build : No Such File" then you need to install the header files using this command then go back and try to perform the install again.

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic

Thanks to...

Thanks to dan0804smith for his post on the Ubuntu forum. Without that post I would have never figured this out.


I installed Ubuntu 12.04 and everything was working great. I did have an annoying issue where my WiFi was locking up every so often and I had to use the hot keys to turn the radio off and back on then things worked. But then I performed a routine upgrade for patches, fixes and what not. Then NO WIFI. My wlan0 was totally gone. These steps restored my WiFi but also solved the annoying WiFi lockup issue I was experiencing before things went really wrong. I am very happy now!
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