Marijuana - State vs Federal Law

Where is my soap box? Ah, here it is...

Ok, I don't care for marijuana. I don't use it, don't like the smell. But, I also don't care who uses it as long as it is kept away from me. Just like cigarettes. Now for the soap box part...

Now that the State of Oregon (and many other states) have made the use of marijuana legal, how are the states going to protect the citizens from the federal government's prosecution and seizure of assets?

How can the federal government go after small businesses and individuals without also going after the state government that authorised and profits from the growth and sale of marijuana?

If the fed is going to go after people and businesses and treat this as a crime, they should go after the organiser that profits from every transaction. If the fed views marijuana as an illegal drug then they must view the states that profit directly from the growth and sale as the ring leaders and prosecute them under RICO just like any other criminal organisation. We don't know how this will play out in Oregon but we are already seeing the fed going after people and businesses in other states.

I think it is totally messed up. It is either illegal or it is not. Ok, enough of my soap box speech. Lets hear what you think. Feel free to leave your comments below. I really want to hear from you.


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