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Kick Off 2

KICK OFF 2 Anco 1.0 INTRODUCTION KICK OFF 2 retains the pace and accuracy of the universally acclaimed KICK OFF. A soccer simulation with a full size multi-directional scrolling pitch and the players, markings, goals, etc. in correct pro- portions. Both teams play the game strictly according to tactics. Players move into position to receive passes and gain possession. The ball, as in the real game, travels ahead of the player, thus making a tackle a matter of skill rather than of chance. KICK OFF 2, like real soccer, requires skill in ball control for passing, dribbling, shooting, etc. Accuracy in shooting, the ability to swerve or bend the ball need a lot of practice. Each player on the pitch has a unique combination of attributes and skills suitable for the skill level at which the game is being played. An International is superior to the 4th div. player in all departments. A host of playing options are provided. One of the most useful ones is the provision to set the skill levels of both teams indepen- dently. A novice with INT. squad can give a professional with 4th division squad a run for his money. There is a League and cup tournament with sudden death penalty shoot-outs in case of a draw. The teams in the League are on the whole evenly matched but with different styles of play and the player skills to match that style. 2.0 MAIN MENU 2.1 SINGLE GAME - A single game can be between the player and the computer or between two players. Two players can team up against the computer. A host of options are available to alter the match conditions and various permutations of the options provide enormous variety of game play. 2.2 THE LEAGUE - There is a League of 8 teams lasting 14 weeks. The League championship requires consistent excellence. 8 players can play in the League which can be saved to continue later. 2.3 THE CUP - The Cup tournament is played on a knockout basis. If there is no result, extra time is played. If there is still no result, a penalty shoot-out decides the winner. 2.4 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY - This option allows you to play a single match using International sides with their distinct styles of play. 2.5 PRACTICE - Practice mode gives the opportunity to practice ball skills and learn ball controls without being harassed by the opposition. 2.6 OPTIONS - The OPTION menu sets the conditions for a SINGLE GAME or INT. FRIENDLY. The options must be selected before playing the game. 3.0 THE OPTIONS The options in this menu once set remain unchanged until changed. The DEFAULT condition is printed in BOLD. 3.1 DURATION: 2 x 3, 2 x 5, 2 x 10 and 2 x 20. The League and cup matches 2 x 5 min. 3.2 PITCH: A choice of four playing surfaces. NORMAL - Normal bounce and travel. Soggy - Ball bounce and travel reduced; players' stamina reduced. Wet - Increased ball travel and speed. Artificial - High ball bounce; increased ball speed and travel; reduced players' stamina. 3.3 WIND: A choice of four - OFF, light, medium and strong. 3.4 EXTRA TIME and PENALTIES: Yes or NO - If the answer is Yes, extra time proportional to the full match duration is played if the result is a draw after the full time. The extra time is in two halves and the teams change ends at the half time. If the result is still a draw then a sudden death penalty shoot-out decides the result. The option is set to NO in the League matches and YES for cup tournament. 3.5 SKILL LEVEL: Choice of five skill levels - INTERNATIONAL, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th divisions. 3.6 LEAGUE OPTIONS - The skill level at which the League is played can be selected. Choice of 3rd division, 1ST DIVISION or International level. 3.7 AFTER TOUCH: Yes or NO - If the answer is Yes, the ball direction can be altered for a short duration after shooting. Ideal for bending the ball. 4.0 THE PLAYERS Each player on the pitch has a unique mixture of attributes and skills. The attributes are: PACE - STAMINA - AGGRESSION - RESILIENCE The skills are: PASSING - SHOOTING - TACKLING The unique mixture determines the performance of the player. For instance, a player of great pace but with poor stamina will not perform well as the match nears the end and should be substituted if there is extra time in a cup match. Similarly a player with high aggression will go for a ball and if he has good tackling skills will succeed in getting the possession but with low tackling skills is likely to foul the opposition and may even collect a red card if seen by the referee. 5.0 SELECTING SKILL LEVEL There are five skill levels plus a special level: INTERNATIONAL 1st DIVISION 2nd DIVISION 3rd DIVISION 4th DIVISION To set the skill level, select OPTIONS in the Main Menu and then select SKILL. One player or two players against the computer - TEAM A. Two players against each other: Player 1 - TEAM A; Player 2 - TEAM B. The skill level of each team can be set independently. 6.0 GAME OPTIONS All the four options are selected via the Main menu. CAUTION: Before selecting the GAME OPTIONS, selected the required match conditions from the OPTION menu (see 3.0). 6.1 SINGLE GAME Two players can play against the computer or against each other. One player game is against the computer. In two players against the computer, the second player plays as the keeper. 6.11 TACTICS The change of tactics is only allowed at the half time. Select the start tactics and change the tactics at half time if you wish. 6.12 SUBSTITUTIONS Two substitutions are allowed in a match. Please see 11.0 for more information. 6.2 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY This option allows you to play a single game between any two chosen International teams. On selecting this option, a list of the countries is presented. Highlight TEAM A and the first country. Press the F.B. to confirm the choice. Repeat the process for TEAM B. 6.3 THE LEAGUE The League consists of 8 teams and lasts for 14 weeks. There are three skill levels - 3rd, 1st and International - at which the League can be played. Use the OPTIONS menu to set the skill level. The default skill level is 1st Division. When the League option is selected in the Main menu, the league table with the appropriate number of teams is displayed. The following options are available: 6.31 SELECTING TEAM TO PLAY - When the table first appears, the letter C appears against all the teams to say that all the teams are Computer controlled. To change the team to J/S - ie. play that team in the league - move J/S to highlight the team and press F.B.; C will change to J. If two joystick controlled teams are playing a match, J1 or J2 will appear in the column to show which team each joystick is controlling. 6.32 LOAD - This option allows you to load a previously saved league and continue the game. Cass. - The league is saved without a file name. The first league on the tape is loaded. Identify the league on the cass. label when saving. Disc - The league is saved under fixed names LEAGUE 1 to 10. Select the name with the joystick and press the F.B.. 6.33 CONTINUE - Select this option to play the League game. The two teams to play the next match will be highlighted. If both teams are J for control, the computer will allocate J1 and J2 to the teams. 6.34 SAVE - Select this option to save your current league. A good quality FORMATTED disc or a blank tape is required to save the league. Cass. - The league is saved without a file name. Insert a blank cass. in the recorder, press PLAY & RECORD. Press F.B. to start the save. Disc - The league is saved under names League 1 to 10. Highlight the name and press the F.B. 6.35 QUIT - The league is abandoned without saving and the program returns to the Main menu. 6.36 PLAY MATCH - Takes you to the match if J is selected, otherwise the result is shown. The league table is updated after each match. 6.4 THE CUP The Cup tournament is for 8 first division teams and is on a knock out basis. In case of a draw there is extra time. If there is still no result, sudden death penalty shoot-out feature is used to decide the result. 7.0 PLAYER CONTROL. 7.1 MOVEMENT - The player moves in all 8 joystick directions. 7.2 HEADERS - If the ball is in the air, pressing F.B. will make the controlled player jump. Move the J/S in the direction in which you wish to head the ball when the player is in the air. 7.3 BLOCKING TACKLE - The purpose of this tackle is to gain possession of the ball from the opponent. The tackle must be from the front or overtaking the opponent and getting possession of the ball as it travels in front of the player. Tackling the player from behind is a FOUL. 7.4 SLIDING TACKLE - This tackle can be done from any direction. A sliding tackle on an opponent without a ball is a FOUL. If the ball is on the ground, press F.B. to do a sliding tackle. You must touch the ball before touching the opponent to avoid being penalised. A sliding tackle from behind is a FOUL. 8.0 BALL CONTROL Kick Off 2 ball controls have been specially designed for ease of use. In a fast moving game and under pressure, there is no time to remember complicated joystick movements; the action has to be instinctive. The controls are simple and can be learnt and practiced to perfection in PRACTICE in the Main menu. The ball control becomes even more deadly if AFTER TOUCH is used. 8.1 DRIBBLE BALL: The ball travels in front of the player. The distance it travels depends on the speed of the player at the time of contact. 8.2 SHOOT BALL: Pressing F.B. AFTER touching the ball will shoot the ball in the direction the player is facing. 8.3 STOP BALL: Pressing F.B. BEFORE touching the ball will stop the ball and give the player total control. 8.4 PASS BALL: You must STOP the ball before you can pass. Keep the F.B. pressed and move the J/S in the direction you wish to pass and release the F.B.. Releasing the F.B. when J/S is centred will take you back into DRIBBLE action. The player will turn in the J/S direction and start dribbling the ball in that direction. He will shoot in that direction if F.B. is pressed. 8.5 CHIP BALL - If the ball is on the ground, reversing the direction of the J/S will chip the ball. 8.6 AFTER TOUCH - This option can be activated in the Option menu. It allows the player to alter the direction of the ball by a small amount after shooting the ball. The direction must be changed immediately after shooting the ball as the control is only effective for a very short time. After Touch can be used to devastating effect with practice. Move the joystick in the direction you wish the ball to go (forward positions of the joystick only) immediately after shooting the ball. 9.0 KEEPER CONTROL The keeper is computer controlled except in the following cases. 9.1 DEFENDING A PENALTY: The control is transferred to the main player. The keeper stands in the centre and starts to move as soon as the F.B. is pressed. The longer the F.B. is kept pressed, the bigger the movement. A - Jump up B - Dive top left corner C - Dive top right corner A D - Dive left mid bar height B C E - Catch ball D E F F - Dive right mid bar height G H G - Dive left ground J H - Dive right ground J - Stoop 9.2 TAKING GOAL KICKS: The keeper automatically takes the goal kick unless the player wishes to do so. If the player does not exercise the option quickly, the computer will take control. Move the J/S in the required position before the keeper kicks or throws the ball. Press the F.B. quickly to boot the ball upfield to catch the opposition out of position or to stop the keeper wasting time. A - Hard ahead B - Hard left C - Hard right D - Medium left E - Medium ahead F - Medium right G - Soft left H - Soft right J - Soft ahead 9.3 CONTROLS SPECTRUM - Joysticks or keyboard. Kempston or Sinclair 1 compatible joysticks. The keyboard details are given below. PLAYER1 PLAYER2 UP Q P DOWN A L LEFT Z N RIGHT X M FIRE C B The players can use a combination of keyboard only, keyboard & Kempston, Kempston & Sinclair, etc. AMSTRAD - The players can use the keyboard or joystick. The keyboard controls are as for the Spectrum. 9.4 QUIT MATCH OR PRACTICE You can quit a single game or Int. Friendly or Practice Mode.. A league game or cup match cannot be terminated. CBM 64: Press Restore key. SPECTRUM: Press T to pause the game and then press C key. AMSTRAD: Press T to pause the game and then press ESC key. 10.0 SET PIECES 10.1 CORNER KICKS 10.11 SELECTING TYPE OF CORNER KICK There is a choice of 9 corner kicks. A selection panel appears showing the goal post and the corner flag. 10.12 STRENGTH OF CORNER KICKS The duration for which the F.B. is kept pressed to select the type of corner kick determines the strength of the kick. A short tap will do a short kick, ie. pass to a player near the corner flag. A hard kick will take the ball to the player across or out of play. 10.2 PENALTIES The angle and the height of the shot are controlled, enabling the penalty taker to put the ball anywhere in the net. The pointer on a bar moves rapidly from left to right indicating the horizontal direction of the ball if hit at that point. Press the F.B. to start the run. The longer the F.B. is kept pressed, the higher the ball will rise. It is therefore possible to hit the top corners of the net or keep the ball on the ground or overshoot the ball. A short tap will keep the ball on the ground. During the penalties the keeper control is passed to the main player. See KEEPER CONTROL instructions. 10.3 FREE KICKS (except 48K Spectrum) Set piece Free Kick is played if there is a foul by a defending player within a narrow sector in front of the defended goal mouth. 10.31 TAKING FREE KICK The ball is placed where the foul occurred. Press the F.B. to start the run. The duration for which the F.B. is kept pressed determines the height of the ball. The longer the button is kept pressed the higher the ball will rise. The strength of the kick is randomly computer controlled. Only the player taking the Free Kick has Swerve control of the ball. He can dip the ball into the opposition net or bend the ball around the opposition wall. The controls give infinite control on the kick. If the ball is passed to another player normal ball controls are resumed. 10.4 THROW IN The computer automatically throws the ball to the nearest player in position to receive the ball. The control can, however, be assumed by the player. There is an option to do a directed SHORT or LONG throw. Move the joystick in the five forward positions and press the F.B. for a short throw. If the F.B. is not pressed soon, the computer will automatically take a throw. The three backward positions are used for the LONG throws. 11.0 SUBSTITUTIONS You are allowed to make two substitutions during the match. You cannot substitute a player who has been given a RED card by the referee. Only ONE substitution at a time can be made. KEEPER CANNOT BE SUBSTITUTED. The table below shows how to bring Player 12 or Player 14 on the pitch. 11.1 SELECTING SUBSTITUTE CBM64 Spec Amstrad PL.12 TEAM A F1 SHIFT+1 SHIFT+1 PL.14 TEAM A F3 SHIFT+2 SHIFT+2 PL.12 TEAM B F5 SHIFT+3 SHIFT+3 PL.14 TEAM B F5 SHIFT+4 SHIFT+4 [The CBM 64 keys DO read - F1,F3,F5,F5 - in the instructions.] [The F5 duplication is probably a mistake. JimG] 11.2 MAKING SUBSTITUTION When the ball goes out of play, you will be asked to make a substitution. The word NO. will appear on the screen. Type the shirt number of the player you wish to substitute and press the F.B. 12.0 SUDDEN DEATH PENALTY SHOOT-OUT If after an extra time there is still no result, a penalty shoot-out takes place. Each side takes five penalties in turn. The winner is the team which scored most goals. If the number of goals remain equal, each side takes a penalty alternately. After both sides have taken their turn, if there is a goal difference, the team with the most goals is declared the winner. The shoot-out continues until there is a goal difference. 13.0 GENERAL The referees in the game have their own characteristics and competence level. Some are more prone than others in disciplinary action. They can give yellow and red cards. The players with lower stamina are prone to get tired and lose pace as well as accuracy. The players are also inclined to time wasting if the winning margin is small. Keyboard commands: CBM 64 Spec Amstrad Pause P T T (c) 1990 ANCO

Rating: Not Rated
Released: 90
Players: 2
Updated: 2021-04-25
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Anco Software Ltd.


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