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  • ascii - If you ever need to convert between ASCII, HEX and DEC character values, this chart will make the process much easier.

  • connection - This page checks several variables that your web browser is handing to my server and every other server on the net that you visit.

  • debt tips - Get some helpful tips about how to create a budget and resuce your debt. These are things that we have actually used and want to share with you. Hopefully they will be of some value to you.

  • debt - This calculator is intended to give you an ESTIMATED payment schedule for your current debt. It works by taking your minimum payments plus any extra you wish to pay and showing you where the money will do you the most good. And at the same time give you an ESTIMATED monthly payment schedule. For the fastest payoff on all of your debt, it is suggested that you keep making the same TOTAL monthly payment each month. As one bill is paid off, you take that money and use it as part of your extra payment on the remaining debt.

  • microdata

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