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  • ascii - If you ever need to convert between ASCII, HEX and DEC character values, this chart will make the process much easier.

  • barcode scanner - send a picture of a barcode and we will try to decode it

  • connection - This page checks several variables that your web browser is handing to my server and every other server on the net that you visit.

  • debt - Use this free calculator to see how you can pay off your debt quickly

  • file hash - Upload a file and get back its hash values

  • geoip - Find the geographic location of any IP address

  • ip check - Give us an IP address and we will check it

  • isbot - Drop in a useragent string and see if it is a known web bot

  • microdata - Scan a website to see what type of microdata it presents to the world

  • useragent - Drop in a useragent string and see what information we can pull out

  • who is - Lookup domain name information using the WHOIS tool

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