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Making checkboxes pass data even when they are unchecked

Web pages don't normally send back any data for checkboxes that are unchecked. This Javascript function fixes that.

Score an A+ on SSL Labs using HAPROXY

Getting your web server to score an A+ on SSL Labs is easy when you use HAPROXY as a frontend.

RAID - What is it?

RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Disks, which was originally Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Basically, this is a way to connect multiple physical disks together to create one logical disk. Some versions of RAID offer fault protection and others to not.

Google Chrome ~ Disable Swipe to go Back or Forward

Ever been typing in a form and have your fingers slide on the touchpad of your laptop only to lose all of what you typed in the form because Google Chrome took your finger swipe as a GO BACK command? Sucks! Here is how you turn it off.

Google Chrome on Linux won't auto fill passwords

At the time of this article, I was running Google Chrome web browser Version 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit). Everything was working fine until one day I closed the browser then reopened it too quickly and got an error about my profile being inaccessable. From that point forward, no web site would prompt me to save my password. And my entire password list appeared to be blank.

How to make xdg-open handle custom protocols such as SSH

You may have a need to have custom URLs such as ssh:// processed with your own script. This is pretty easy to do with just a couple commands.

Rename image files using the EXIF date and time stamp

This little script is a simple tool to rename one or more files in a folder using the EXIF date and time stamp. Name collision is handled with a unique sequence number as needed.

jQuery Mobile - Autocomplete Text Input

The search filter works ok but I really needed a way to allow the users to type in a standard text input box and display a pick list below the box as they type. Nothing I found off the shelf really worked well with jQuery Mobile so I created a simple ajax solution of my own.

Bash script to mount all drives

Have you ever had your system boot up and found missing mount points that should have initialized? I find this every once in a while when my NFS share can't be reached in a timely manner while logging in.

Get FireFox to launch SSH or TELNET links under Linux

FireFox out of the box has issues running external links such as SSH or TELNET. The solution is quite simple. Just create a script that can do the work you want done and tell FireFox where that script is located.

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