Goldwing on the drag strip

After riding my 2006 GL1800 GoldWing for a while I found that it had a lot of speed and power and performance. I love the way it corners and picks up speed. I got to wondering how it could do on the drag racing track. So I took it to Woodburn to test it on the 1/4 mile track. It was quite a bit of fun!

drag card
I was assigned 41 as my official racing number.

Here are my racing times showing the time it took me to run the track at various distance markers. Below the numbers is a graph showing my times. You can see I did a little better on each run. I could have squeezed out a bit more performance if I would have made a few more runs but it was pretty hot that day and I had plenty of fun on the few runs I made.

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Distance Run Times
in feet 4:10pm 4:18pm 4:24pm 5:04pm 5:13pm 5:27pm 5:43pm 5:53pm
60 2.001 1.960 1.915 1.912 1.878 1.899 1.895 1.882
330 5.462 5.494 5.408 5.390 5.339 5.325 5.316 5.333
1/8 mile 660 8.435 8.497 8.398 8.370 8.291 8.271 8.270 8.297
1000 11.082 11.167 11.004 11.010 10.930 10.896 10.903 10.899
1/4 mile 1320 13.362 13.473 13.329 13.315 13.227 13.171 13.171 13.138
speed graph

Can you believe that I actually drag raced a GoldWing? I can't either. But it was a lot of fun and proved that I could keep up with the racing bikes. The other bikes out this day were all modified specifically for drag racing and each weighed between 500 and 550 pounds. The 2006 GoldWing was right off the factory floor with no modifications and weighed about 835 pounds according to the manual. The racing bikes were all running slightly faster than me. I reached 99.84 miles an hour in the 1/4 mile track on my last two runs. The racking bikes were running 105-119 miles an hour. So, think this is an old man's bike?


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